Excellence in Long Term Care Awards

Madison Alley, Personal Support Services, Home Care for Maine 2019 Awards Recipient

Madison Alley exemplifies integrity, compassion and dedication in all she does for the consumers she serves. She is respectful in her communication with the home office, as well as her supervisor, and is always willing to go the extra mile. She is a role model for others in that she respects the values and wishes of her consumers and follows the mission and vision of Home Care for Maine. She is dependable and observant about what her consumers need and how they feel—a trait that all PSS staff are trained on but comes naturally to Madison. She actively listens, responds in a professional manner while always having the best interest of the consumer at the forefront in all she does. Co-workers report that she demonstrates excellent communication with them and the home office, sharing changes in health status or care.

Madison Alley - Excellence in Long Term Care Award Recipient

Madison came to us eager to learn and that is, indeed, what she has done. She is willing to expand her skill set and is now working with some of our most acute consumers, including those with complete feeding dependence and severe dementia. Her personality is upbeat and consumers are always happy to see her. Consumers report how much they enjoy her company and her work.

Her consumers have expressed that they truly appreciate her as a person and the care she provides. Madison readily covers additional shifts to ensure her consumer has services. She was once called after hours to go to a consumer’s home to meet the ambulance. During one of the largest snowstorms last season, she went to a consumer’s home to find that she could not get into the unplowed driveway. Instead of turning around and leaving, Madison made her way into the house to find her consumer wrapped in a blanket, her house with no power or heat. Madison immediately called 911 for the ambulance and fire department. We believe that Madison’s dedication, willingness to risk travelling in inclement weather and swift action saved this woman’s life. Madison went above and beyond for this case, as she has for many other consumers in her care.

Madison provides person-centered care at its finest. She has a special knack for getting through to the occassional difficult consumer, while respecting their wishes and values and meeting their needs. For example, she was working with a gentleman who did not want to get up and was not motivated to do anything. With her jovial nature, Madison was able to persuade the consumer to get up and get showered, putting him at ease with laughter and humor. This was essential to keeping him on track with his daily care plan.

Madison gets the job done, but to her it is more than a job, she provides a lifeline for consumers to remain at home. For this and all the reasons above, she has earned this award.

Madison and her fellow 2019 Excellence in Long Term Care Awards recipients were honored at a ceremony on Monday, September 16th  at the Blaine House in Augusta.