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Maine Background Check Center

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  • Notification and Authorization and Release

  • Notice to the Applicant / Employee

    This organization has offered you a position contingent upon a clear background check. The organization requires you to consent to the comprehensive background check. Your eligibility to work in this position is dependent upon whether you have a disqualifying offense in your background.

    You must authorize a release of information relevant to your background, including your criminal history records and any substantiation for child or adult abuse. This information will be sent to the Maine Background Check Center and other Federal or State agencies as needed to investigate your background.

    The comprehensive background check requires you to provide personally identifiable information including your name and date of birth. You may voluntarily provide additional identifying information, including physical description information in order to speed up your criminal history records check and avoid a false match of criminal records.

    The comprehensive background check includes, without limitation, searches of Federal and State criminal history repositories, public registries and databases relevant to health or child care services, and state-maintained databases for abuse and neglect substantiated findings. Your name will also be checked for a match on the National and Maine sex offender registries. If you have a professional or occupational license, the licensing authority will be contacted to validate your licensing status. Searches may not be limited to the State of Maine, and may include every jurisdiction where you have lived.

    If you have a disqualifying offense as defined in 22 M.R.S. Ch. 1691 in your background, you will not be eligible to work in this position, or for this or any organization subject to 22 M.R.S. Ch. 1691 unless the disqualifying offense meets the criteria for a waiver pursuant to 22 M.R.S. Ch. 1691, the Maine Background Check Center act.